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Top Meetings Deauville 2015

The "Top Meetings Deauville" gather every year leaders from different backgrounds.

This event takes place end March 2015 and this year Just in Time Management Group animated again 2 workshops "Best practices".

The Just in Time Management's "Ecosystem"

To fully serve our clients'needs, we have over the years been building a team of persons specialized in various fields of expertise such as Finance, HR, IT, Risk Management, ...
Highly qualified men and women, experienced in dealing with delicate situations and with connections at the top level.
Our Experts are supervised by an Associate of JiTM at all times.
Visit our "Experts" page or contact Michel Duvivier (0475 24 40 88) for further information.

What if the next generation is no longer an option?

The undisputed leadership of "the clan" and the feeling of aspiration and pride to follow in your parents successful footsteps was still very much alive in previous decades. Today, however, in the light of future leadership, an important change has been marked where previously expected life choices are not always embraced and can lead to a different outcome …

Read the White Paper written by our Associated Michel Duvivier «Le devenir des entreprises familiales». (in french)

and if we offered the same product differently ?

Selling a product in a functional approach weaves customer relationships on a long -term , but requires adjustments to the internal business.

Read the White Paper written by our Associated, Thierry Janssen: "The functionality economy". (in french)

Entrepreneurs are on their own!

When everything goes well entrepreneurs can usually
talk to their environment about their successes.
But when business is not going so well, who can they turn to with their concerns?
To their partner? Probably not.
To their friends when they are at the gym? Very unlikely?
To their management committee? Not a chance!

In order to give their customers a better insight in the decisions they have to make Just in Time Management will act as a "Sparring Partner". Why? How?

How should you review the future development of your company?


Review of the fundamental future problems of a company usually only occur when it is in crisis. Whilst it's not when things are going badly that review needs to be carried out. These days, markets are so chaotic and competition so strong, that it's not just mistakes but lack of anticipation which cost money.

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