Entrepreneurs are on their own!

When everything goes well entrepreneurs can usually talk to their environment about their successes. But when business is not going so well, who can they turn to with their concerns? To their partner? Probably not. To their friends when they are at the gym? Very unlikely? To their management committee? Not a chance!

Even though they have a faithful friend they can consider a confidant, the worries, dreams and ambitions of entrepreneurs often become clear in the morning, when they look into the mirror.

Who will listen to their doubts, projects, hear about the risks they want to take or the difficult negotiations they are facing?

At Just in Time Management (JiTM) we believe that the only reliable interlocutor for these exchanges of thoughts is someone who has the same responsibilities as the person in question. Someone who is also a manager or has managed a company. They need a peer-to-peer relation. A well-balanced relation where no judgements are made, where no misunderstandings can arise and where discomfort does not exist.

The market is flooded with coaches. However, that is absolutely not how we do it.

At Just in Time Management we want to be a "Sparring Partner" for our customer-entrepreneurs. We challenge them in their ideas, their vision, their strategies, their thoughts, in the way they express their leadership, the tools they use in their management and the administration of their undertaking. All Associates and Partners of Just in Time Management have at least ten years of management experience and, for many years, their mission has been to support other entrepreneurs in their development.

If you are an entrepreneur, often have the feeling that you are on your own and interested in the "Sparring Partner" approach to support you in the development of your company, do not hesitate to contact us at 02/290.53.07 or by mail:

Talk to you soon.