Like all executives, you have to face up to strategic choices every day, along with important decisions which affect the future of your company. By contrast with your managers who take care of operational matters on a daily basis, your job as executive demands that you always maintain a visionary approach and a capacity for anticipation which enables you to keep a certain amount of distance with respect to the daily problems you encounter. Nevertheless, it has to be recognised that as you are often called upon to be in two places at the same time, you are not always able to keep this distance with respect to day-to-day management and to respond to the questions you pose yourself on the suitability of your strategy, the optimisation of your organisation, or on measuring the effectiveness of decisions you have taken.

Just in Time Management Group (JiTM) is one of the only consultancy bureaux to offer you advice at your level. It makes available to you the 'just in time' expertise you are looking for:

  1. diagnostics designed to provide you, in a very short time, with an analytical response to certain fundamental questions which a company head periodically has to ask himself.

  2. working alongside the company head or his Board of Directors, our Partners are either present from time to time, or with agreed regularity. We are also able to intervene, when requested, with a suitable degree of priority when the need arises.

    We either intervene as a mirror, advisor or confident of the company head in the form of specific discussions, or we assist one of the management structures (Advisory Board or Board of Directors).

  3. implementation assignments directed towards company heads who do not have the necessary resources within their organisation to put into practice a certain number of decisions or specific projects. The goal is to enable the company's own management to take control of these implemented items as quickly as possible. Assignments are carried out according to a precise specification and on a set fee basis. The duration varies from a few weeks to a few months.

    Our Partners will be able to give the benefit of their wide experience directly to your personnel, an element which constitutes a positive lever in all of our assignments.

  4. interim management, whose aim is to relieve the unexpected absence of a board member and which the company has to face up to.

    As time is money, it is necessary to bring an experienced manager into the organisation. He will bring his knowledge, his control and his authority, while always respecting the company's culture and working in such a way that handing the situation back to the company is achieved with ease.

  5. specialized human resources making part of our Ecosystem

Our "Sparring Partner" approach in details...