Jef Colruyt 2013

In the framework of the ‘Entre Dirigeants’ meetings, Just in Time Management Group (JiTM) together with company bosses traditionally tackles topics related with their strategic priorities and major decisions involving the future of their business.

At the conference of 29 September, 2009, Just in Time Management Group embarked on a series of fundamental considerations regarding the new responsibilities of companies and their managers in view of the profound transformations our society is undergoing.

The new paradigms of company management in a rapidly changing world

To help us in this process, Guibert del Marmol presented some thought-provoking considerations targeting a vital evolution in management through the development of “sustainable and responsible” strategies.

In the framework of the ‘Entre Dirigeants’ meetings, on 14 November, 2013 at the Musical Instruments Museum of Brussels, Just in Time Management Group gathered over 150 company managers around Jef Colruyt to share with him his vision of company management. The title of his presentation was:

“A vision of company management, beyond figures, to make companies more successful, more desirable and more profitable".

This 'Entre Dirigeants' meeting is perfectly consistent with the mission and the vocation of Just in Time Management Group, the only consultancy operating in Belgium comprised exclusively of Associates and Partners with a proven track record in general management and consultancy.

Jef Colruyt is an inspirational boss. He has helped instil a real societal dimension in his family group. In this way, Colruyt outpaces his competitors in many aspects and significantly contributes to the country’s economic and social life. But beyond the figures, it is above all the man who has captured the attention of the participants at this event as well as the values he has instilled at the heart of the country’s leading distribution company rooted in family traditions. Disconcerting common sense that puts people at the centre of all considerations and actions of the Colruyt group, whether customers, of course, or collaborators and team members, whose mission is to serve the company in all its dimensions.

The Just in Time Management partners with the MIM instrumentalist Toby Sermeus. Next to Jef Colruyt, from right to left: Jean-Claude Vandenbosch, Thierry Janssen, Alec Maréchal, Jean Gabriel and Michel Duvivier.

150 business leaders were there to listen to Jef Colruyt.

Jef Colruyt

Stephan De Brouwer, CEO of Mc Donalds, asks Jef Colruyt a question. With Didier Malherbe, CEO of UCB Belgium. In the same line-up, Thierry Dupré Werson, CEO of Spacebel and Frédéric Dubois, P&I partner.

From left to right: Marc Meurant, CEO of CPH Life ; Michel Eeckhout, managing partner in ME Retail Management and ex-proprietor of Delhaize Belgique ; Luc Bertrand, CEO of Ackermans & van Haaren ; Thierry Janssen, partner in Just in Time Management ; Ulrich Penzkofer, CEO of NRB.

Jean-Claude Vandenbosch, partner in Just in Time Management in discussion with Regis Leruth, CEO of Zen Car. Next to them from right to left: Olivier Davignon, director of Verlinvest in discussion with Didier Malherbe, CEO of UCB Belgique.

Philip Greenfield, CEO of Netway in discussion with Alec Maréchal, partner in Just in Time Management Group

Jef Colruyt, in the centre in discussion with Sakia Van Uffelen, CEO of Bull. Lieve Mostrey, Chief Technology & Services Officer at Euroclear and Michel Duvivier, partner in Just in Time Management join in the conversation.

From left to right: Jean-Marc Goeders, CEO of Gial ; Hervé Bath, Euranova director delegate ; Simon Alexandre, CEO of Faktory ; Michel Duvivier, partner in Just in Time Management ; Paul Huberland, CEO of Ubidata.

Eric Boyer de la Giroday, President of ING in animated conversation with Catherine Alexandre, Vice-President of Internal & Sustainability Communications Delhaize Group.

Jef Colruyt