Whether you are Chairman of the Board, CEO, Managing Director or General Manager within your company, we know that, like all executives, you are alone in the decisions you have to take.

Because even if you practice participatory management, there are certain elements of your decision making which it would be too sensitive to share with your board.

We know through experience, that many company heads would like to be able to challenge their ideas with someone who has an identical level of responsibility and comparable experience in company management. We know that they would like to be able to confide specific assignments to consultants who speak the same language as them. Just in Time Management Group gives you just this opportunity.

We are an operational consulting agency that works exclusively with Partners who have a proven track record in general management and consulting. With many years of experience in various top management positions (CEO, Managing Director, President, General Manager) under their belt, our Partners have decided to join forces in a an effort to support managers as "sparring partners", project manager, transitional manager or adviser. We have unique positioning!

With Just in Time Management Group (JiTM), you will not have in front of you consultants who simply carry out benchmarking and who will advise you to apply standardised solutions to your company just like those put in place in dozens of others.

With Just in Time Management Group, you will never have junior consultants in front of you, freshly turned out of the major colleges but with no experience of company management. Just in Time Management Group has a radically different approach. We assist you and advise you while listening to you, analysing with you all the ins and outs of your own situation, and taking into account the characteristics of your company, its culture and its management. Then, we help you to implement your decisions and we unreservedly share our expertise with you 'just in time', by which we mean when required, gradually and in accordance with your needs and your means.

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