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  • Nuclear energy in Belgium: so much more than just electricity and essential for our businesses !


    Lunch "CEO meet CEO" at the Cercle de Wallonie Liège on 09 october 2015 - Our guest: Christian Legrain, Secretary-General of the Research Centre on Nuclear Energy

    When talking about nuclear energy in Belgium, the first thing that comes to mind is the power plants, and we often have a strong opinion on this topic.

    Even though energy costs and safety are crucial factors for our companies, this debate must not conceal the fact that the nuclear industry research and development is a key endeavour for our companies and for numerous other branches in the energy production sector.

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  • More flexibility: for which kind of jobs? for which benefits?


    Lunch "CEO meet CEO" at the Cercle de Wallonie Liège on 19 june - Our guest: Sir Jean-Claude Daoust, Managing Director Daoust SA.

    Your business is being confronted by an ever changing economic climate, resulting in movements that are changing as quickly as the activities, up as well as down. This has been experienced by many businesses in different sectors.

    So how do you adjust your resources in function of this evolution and in particular those crucial to your company: your workforce?

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  • How does SMEs succeed by radically transform their management?


    Lunch "CEO meet CEO" at the Cercle de Wallonie Beloeil on 08 may - Our guest: Sir Laurent Ledoux, President of the FPS Mobility and Transport .

    Extensive transformations in our businesses generally go past unnoticed.

    One of the current transformations in our businesses however, is having a profound impact. All over the world hundreds of businesses, especially small and medium businesses,  are experimenting with alternative management practices.

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  • Collective intelligence in service of a new Participative Leadership in your business.


    If you have ever intuitively felt that inspiring confidence can be more productive than total control, you should watch this video.

    Ever since the start of the industrial age, companies have continued to complicate their organisation by implementing pyramid structures and have established the ‘Command & Control’ principle as a rule. Using web 2.0, our employees are currently developing more and more concepts of intelligent collaboration that are miles away from the management approach we have grown accustomed to over the last decades.

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  • How should you review the future development of your company?


    Review of the fundamental future problems of a company usually only occur when it is in crisis. Whilst it's not when things are going badly that review needs to be carried out. These days, markets are so chaotic and competition so strong, that it's not just mistakes but lack of anticipation which cost money.

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  • Long-term financing for small business - a good alternative for traditional loans?


    Lunch "CEO meet CEO" at Cercle de Wallonie from Liège on 17 oktober - Our guest: Sir Olivier Marquet, CEO Triodos Bank

    The final goal of your business or organisation is to create additional social value or create a project that will do just that. Your business creates projects that offer sustainable solutions, renew lifestyle and consumption methods and improve our general quality of life. These values are central to the development of your business. Yet...

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  • Seminar “Mobility-Growth, Wallonia – Brussels”, Château du Lac, Genval, April 24, 2014 :


    Mobility and digital opportunities (infrastructure and telecom applications for mobility, optimization of the location of the activities, behaviour change).

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  • The Economic Press: which partnership with SMEs?


    Lunch "CEO meet CEO" at the Cercle de Wallonie Liège on 25th april - Our guest : Miss Martine Maelsschalck , Chief editorialist

    This is a question that is always at the centre of the concerns of business leaders: how should I communicate? What relationship can I have with the media? What repercussions could what I say have on the company?

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  • Jef Colruyt


    In the framework of the ‘Entre Dirigeants’ meetings, Just in Time Management Group together with company bosses traditionally tackles topics related with their strategic priorities and major decisions involving the future of their business.

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  • Buy the company where you work or find a new job: an easy choice


    Lunch "CEO meet CEO" at the Cercle de Wallonie Liège on 24th oktober - Our guest: Sir Joel Dersin, CEO 123Automation

    In 2009, Joël Dersin was head of the automation division of a big SME who was experiencing difficulties following the 2008 economic crisis. The manager of the company was then forced to reduce the size of his operations and wanted to put an end to the business’ automation and robotics section. He suggested that Joël take over this division and offered to get him started by facilitating the start of his new business. The decision had to be taken within a few days.

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  • "Gross National Happiness"… is a macro-economic concept started in Bhutan which translates into "social responsibility" in our businesses.


    Lunch "CEO meet CEO" at the Cercle de Wallonie Liège on 13th june - Our guest: sir Patrick Willot, Adviser from the Bouthan's Royal Government, expert for the United Nations, the World Bank and the EU

    "Gross National Happiness" is a new way of calculating a nation's development index. This is at odds with the traditional way of calculating a country's GNP or GDP. "Gross National Happiness" seeks to exclude from its calculation that which creates problems for society and its environment. Which does not give any added value.

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  • In due course how can the transfer of a business to a member of staff be prepared for?


    Lunch "CEO meet CEO" at the Cercle de Wallonie Namur on 20th april - Our guest: sir Olivier Doneux, Managing Director from the Biscuiteries J.-L. Brichard

    The transfer of a business will, in the coming years be a major issue for the stability of our economy given the number of entrepreneurs coming of age to handover the baton and who have not yet set up plans for transfer. Successfully selling their business is not a foregone conclusion. There is plenty on offer but relatively little demand (Belgium is one of the least enterprising of European countries in terms of business).

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  • Your company's intellectual property is a very special asset


    Lunch "CEO meet CEO" at the Cercle de Wallonie Namur on 13th september - Our guest: sir Alain Englebert, CEO from the Group Gevers

    Speaking about Intellectual Property is often limited to references to registering trademarks and patents. But the protection of your company's innovations goes much further than that. Of course the technical and legal aspects are basic, but there is also the strategic perspective which Alain Englebert, CEO of the GEVERS Group International Holding company and Alec Maréchal, Associated Partner in the Just In Time Management Group will help us to discover. 

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  • How to prepare and succeed its business relationship with the Chinese?


    Lunch "CEO meet CEO" at the Cercle de Wallonie Liège on 28th may - Our guest: Sir Robert Eyben, Managing Partner CE+T

    Because of the booming economic growth in China many companies, big chains and medium enterprises hope to reach this vast emerging market.

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  • The Board of Directors, a governance and progress tool for small and medium-sized businesses


    Lunch "CEO meet CEO" at the Cercle de Wallonie Namur on 17th mei - Our guest: sir Christian de Goussencourt, Director from Imperbel/Derbigum

    The Board of Directors is a body which is mandatory from a legal point of view and plays an important role not just in governance but also in the growth of businesses. However a whole series of malfunctions are to be seen in many small and medium-sized business Boards of Directors.

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  • Empowerment or how do you have your staff assume responsibility by involving them in your company's performance?


    Lunch "CEO meet CEO" at the Cercle de Wallonie Namur on 29th september - Our guest: sir Jean-Jacques Cloquet, Managing Director of the Brussels South Airport

    Empowerment is the process by which the staff in an organisation acquire mastery of those means which enable them to best use their professional resources and reinforce their independence of action. This process facilitates internal communication and improves the social environment.

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